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Music Off

2017 (Ongoing)
Role      Product designer, Web developer
Team    Leonardo Kim (Developer)


Music off is a simple sleep timer for Android. It was first made in 2010, and has been downloaded over 4 million times since then. 


My role was to re-design the old app. Leo and I created a survey form for user research. The form includes specific questions about how users have been using the old app, and the sort of features they would like to see in the new app. 


Based on the user research, I drew the basic user flow and started with design of the main page design. 



I created 3 different scenarios for the user flow and chose the most reasonable one. This process was repeated for each of the other pages.


Problem Solving


When users fails to fall asleep within the timer period, they would like a way to extend the timer. They would prefer not to look at the screen in the middle of the night to do this.

By enabling this feature beforehand, users can simply shake their device to extend the timer. 


The biggest challenge from a UX design point of view was thatmany users want to begin playing music when they are setting up the timer. This requires users to exit the app to start the music player, with no automated way of returning.

One possible solution would be a tab system like those in internet browsers, which would allow the user to hop between the music player and Music Off. 


However, technical limitations mean that this solution is not workable, and we are not able to take the user back to our app. Once they’re out, they’re out. 

Our solution was to launch a user-definable music player immediately when the timer is started


A Little Bit Of Fun: 

Music off takes donations in exchange for an to ad-free version of the app. I thought ‘buy us coffee’ would be a bit boring...


Music Off Website

View website  (*Work in progress)

This is my first challenge to build a website from the scratch using HTML/CSS, javascript.



Product design, 2015 - Current  
Role     Product design lead / Illustrator
Team   Heed Software Billy Odell (UX designer), Steven Allen (Product owner)


Heed is a messaging integration software designed to enhance communication in corporate IT environments.


As the lead of the design team for the ‘version 6 project’ I designed the fully-responsive website and iOS/Android application. 


Within the app, ‘Heed’ also means each dashboard containing metadata, users, and active messages. Admin users create their fully configurable ‘Heed’ to manage critical information and tasks for users.


The activity stream is designed for end users that only want to see relevant information. Heed messages are ordered by expiry date and time, configured by either automated workflow or manual settings.


The workflow is one of the most important features. With the simple drag and drop UI users can simply build their own workflows.


Challenge 1. Users do not want another Email app to replace Email

Heed is an alternative communication platform for users that are tired of sorting through their emails. However, many of the interface elements are similar to an Email inbox. In addition, continually adding features as the service grows began to make the app look complicated.



As one example, I redesigned the old “send message” modal. Now it has more steps to send/create an alert/Heed but has become much easier to use and no longer looks like an Email inbox. 



Challenge 2.
Supporting low quality environments

When dealing with a large number of users, it is important to support various environments. Corporate restrictions mean that a large number of Heed users still use outdated versions of Internet Explorer.

This caused a number of difficulties, to both the development team and myself as the designer. As well as internet explorer, older versions of windows have lots of limitations for front-end development such as poor quality font rendering.


Before beginning this project I hadn't fully appreciated the ways in which different   devices/OSes could affect the final visual appearance of a product, and my experience working within such limitations  was very limited. 

Using various methods of testing, including many legibility tests, a product which works visually and has good legibility in many different environments was created. 


In Heed

Heed is a small but exciting company. As can be expected for a young startup of Heed's size, I took on a number of further roles in addition to the main one of product design lead. Here is a selection of my other work done in Heed, mostly illustrations creating a unique brand identity.


Our team members each get their own avatar, which is used on our own product, Email, and team messengers. 


Empty State gif

A rejected empty state image for the mobile app
(Reason: too cute for the corporate world; the approved image was much less exciting).


Blog images

Working alongside our technical writer/marketer, the Heed blog is updated weekly.

See Blog


Netflix Sync

UX concept design, 2017


When my partner and I were a long distance relationship we would have loved to have gone on a cinema date. Unfortunately we were a 12 hour flight apart. This is what we did instead.


Netflix Sync a concept design for Netflix users that like to watch shows with others remotely.

It also has a chat feature, which is simple enough to avoid disturbing the show. It's made for someone like me, who just can't stop chatting while watching.


Other projects

Product design / Branding / Art direction / Film making, 2011 - 2016


Instastckr (2015)

UX/UI design
A simple sticker app allowing Instagram users to easily decorate and share photos on Instagram. 
View more  Playstore   Website


Cheeze it! (2011)

UX/UI design
A cute photo sharing app that targets young women in their 20’s.
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Catarina Santanna Branding Project(2016)

Branding design
Branding design for a music producer/DJ based in London. Also created multiple album cover artworks.


Sneaxels (2014)

Art direction/Branding/Film making/Animation
A personal art project that had its own exhibition in Seoul.

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